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Millions of people can't be wrong - "St. Moritz"


Welcome to the new St. Moritz website.
In order to improve our customer service, St. Moritz is launching a new website where you can find information on a variety of our products. On our site you'll find an expansive product catalog featuring the company's products, product descriptions, images, instructions for use, precautions, tips for correct use, and other surprises that will help you maintain a clean home.

Condensed fabric softener, 1 liter

A variety of Scents:
Particularly Condensed conditioner to maintain quality of the clothes, 
Particularly fragrant. 
Contains a double fragrance, perfume micro capsules containing 
 Left over time. 
Concentrated laundry gel especially for washing machines or hand washing.
Good for all types of laundry, removes tough stains, and grants long lasting fragrance.
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