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Company Profile

The "St. Moritz" group was founded in 1989, and is under the exclusive ownership of Yehuda Bar Sheshet.
Since its founding, the group has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing a variety of chemical products including detergents, fire-extinguishing foam, and additives for concrete.
The cleaning products manufactured by the group are marketed under the brand name St. Moritz. The detergents manufactured by the group have proven themselves to be of high quality, and have conquered a significant segment of the market in their field. This success led the group to market its products abroad, and the company's products can be found in the United States and in Europe.


Over the years, the company founder Yehuda Bar Sheshet has watched his dream take shape. The company that was started in a dilapidated warehouse with one small mixer and three production workers, succeeded slowly but surely to penetrate the cleaning product manufacturing market. The company continued to invest its efforts and expanded its activity to include the largest retail chains in the country. The company upgraded its manufacturing plant, acquired a new and larger building, purchased state of the art mixing and filling equipment, and they are still growing and developing...

Condensed fabric softener, 1 liter

A variety of Scents:
Particularly Condensed conditioner to maintain quality of the clothes, 
Particularly fragrant. 
Contains a double fragrance, perfume micro capsules containing 
 Left over time. 
Concentrated laundry gel especially for washing machines or hand washing.
Good for all types of laundry, removes tough stains, and grants long lasting fragrance.
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