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Company Customers

The group has a wide marketing and distribution platform and includes a variety of different customer sectors. The nationwide distribution covers all areas of the country.Our customers include the following:
Large retail chains ( Shufersal, Blue Square-Israel Ltd.);
The "fourth" chain (Hatzi Hinam, Bitan Wines, Co-Op Jerusalem, Tiv Taam, Metro Market);
Large wholesalers (in both the Jewish and the Arab sectors);
Other small customers.
The company's products can be found on every shelf and at every sales point accessible to the customer.


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Condensed fabric softener, 1 liter

A variety of Scents:
Particularly Condensed conditioner to maintain quality of the clothes, 
Particularly fragrant. 
Contains a double fragrance, perfume micro capsules containing 
 Left over time. 
Concentrated laundry gel especially for washing machines or hand washing.
Good for all types of laundry, removes tough stains, and grants long lasting fragrance.
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